About DH Corp

We are committed to conducting our business activities in full compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations. In order to maintain and enhance our reputation for integrity in our business, it is important for all of us individually and collectively to adhere to the highest moral, ethical and legal standards.

Governance Principles

The policies below include some of the different aspects of corporate governance at DH Corp.:

- Conflict of Interest

We advise employees to avoid the following situations:
  1. Ownership in concerns with which the Company competes or with which it does business.
  2. Buying, leasing or selling property from or to the company
  3. Accepting payments, services or loans from, or to, persons or concerns dealing with the company
  4. Using the position in the Company to influence decision making to conduct business with a business owned by the employee, his/her family or friends.
  5. Using the position in the Company to hire family members or friends including Consultants.
  6. Buy or sell Company shares if you are in possession of material non-public information about the Company.
  7. Not to buy or sell Company shares during the blackout periods designated by the Company.

- Outside Directorship

We understand that employees are sometimes invited to serve on the Board of Directors of for-profit organizations that are not part of the Company structure. Such directorships may provide benefits to the Company under certain circumstances such as broadened perspective, knowledge of significant issues or deepen an individual's understanding of financial or other business disciplines. However, no employee should accept such offers of Directorship without prior written permission from the Company.

- Competition

We believe that the concept of free and open competition underlines various applicable laws on competition. Employees are advised not to enter into discussions or arrangements with competitors or suppliers that would violate these laws in any way. For example, pricing of product must never be discussed with competitors either directly or through third parties.

- Gifts

  1. A gift is anything of value given as a mark of friendship, appreciation or for relationship building which may be received by an employee or offered to others on behalf of the Company. Gifts of more than nominal value may be accepted or offered if protocol, courtesy or other special circumstances exists.
  2. However, all gifts of more nominal value when received by our employees must be reported to the departmental head or human resources department for determination whether the gift can be kept by the employee or returned or whether should more appropriately become Company property.

- Safety, Health and Environment

  1. The Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to its employees and to visitors. The Company is equally committed to preventing deterioration of the environment and minimizing the impact of its operations.
  2. We each have a responsibility to abide by safe operating procedures, to guard our own and our fellow employees' health, to maintain and neutralize pollution control systems, and to follow safe and sanitary procedure for disposition of industrial and hazardous waste materials.

- Workplace Harrassment

We consider harassment or discrimination based on an individual's sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, or any other characteristic protected by law as unacceptable behavior in the organization and at the workplace, including in any interaction or situation that is linked to official work or official activity outside the office.

Retaliation against any person who complains of harassment or discrimination in good faith, or who participates in an investigation in good faith, is also prohibited.

- Dealing with Each Other

In our dealing with each other, we are guided by the principles of treating all people with respect, courtesy and dignity including the respect for different values, beliefs, cultures and religions.

- Managing People

Our managers have an abiding responsibility for creating a positive workplace by encouraging teamwork, promoting a culture of openness, avoiding favoritism, and making fair, transparent and consistent decisions together with managing the employees' performance expectations.