About DH Corp
Company Information

Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited
(Economically Significant Company)

Registered Office:
Dawood Centre, M.T. Khan Road, Karachi
Tel: - +92-21-35686001
Fax: +92-21-35693416
Company Registration #: CUIN0002640
NTN #: 0801434-5
Email: info@dawoodhercules.com
Web: www.dawoodhercules.com

Liaison Office:
68, Margalla Road
F-6/2, Islamabad
Ph. 051-2870015

  • Auditors:
    M/s. A.F. Ferguson & Co.
    Chartered Accountants
  • Shares Registrar:
    M/s. FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
    8-F, Next to Hotel Faran,
    Nursery, Block – 6, P.E.C.H.S.
    Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi.
    Tel. +92-21-34380101-2
    Fax. +92-21-34380106
    Email: info.shares@famco.com.pk

  • Legal Advisors:
    M/s. HaidermotaBNR & Co.
Industry Memberships
  • Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI)
  • Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG)
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX)
  • World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • Young Presidents' Organization (YPO)
Entity Rating: Long Term : AA- , Short Term : A1+
Debt Instrument: Sukuk (Long Term) : AA
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