CEO's Message
CEO's Message

It is a great privilege as well as a big challenge for me in assuming the position of Chief Executive Officer of Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited. I moved to this position in November last year and looking forward to this challenge. The planned business re-structuring to better manage the business has been completed successfully in August, 2011. The new logo of the Company symbolises this change through its contemporary design while retaining the essentials of its pedigree from the past. DH Corp. continues to own 38.13% of its associated Company Engro Corporation Limited via a direct shareholding of 33.25% and an indirect 4.88% shareholding through its subsidiary DH Fertilizers.

Although I have been in my new position for only a short time, I have some comments to make about the business. First and foremost, it is important that we should be sensitive to changes that occur in the market and react quickly when we perceive that a change is occurring. Our major business interest i.e., Urea fertilizer production faces constant challenge due to policy and natural gas shortage issues. The product manufacturing, availability to farmers and subsequently pricing will depend a lot on managing these. We must be wide awake to what is happening in the industry and be able to react quickly so that overall business stability and sustainability is maintained. We need to maintain leadership position.

Secondly, I wish to ensure that relevant information is shared between our different business units, which can then help each other to create business opportunities and expand on these opportunities.

Thirdly, I want to emphasise that corporate governance is of the utmost importance to DH Corp. My aim is to make sure that we have a strong grip on our day-to-day business activities, and the recently established Holding Company set-up will help in this respect.

Finally, I would like to say that I am fully committed to doing my best to expand the businesses for which DH Corp. has responsibility. I will also aim to meet and exceed expectations in creating a great place to work for DH Corp. employees. I very much look forward to working as a team together with my colleagues and expand the business we are all passionate about.

Shahid Pracha
Chief Executive Officer